Cone Heads 8020 will be kicking off the new season by implementing its Round It Up Fundraiser for the local South Gulf Fire and Rescue Station here on Cape San Blas. So, how does it work?

It’s Pretty Simple

For those who pay their bill with a credit card, their receipt will indicate an extra spot where our guests can “round up” their total to the nearest dollar amount (see photo). That extra change is then electronically put in a fund for the South Gulf Fire and Rescue to use however they decide. For example, if a guest’s bill is $15.50, then he or she can “round up” the bill to the next whole amount by adding $0.50 and making the bill $16.00 and then that $0.50 is electronically sent to a fund for the South Gulf Fire and Rescue. Of course, there is no limit to how much a person can donate, someone can add $20 to their check if one wishes but we are only asking for people to “round up” to the nearest dollar amount.

Why It’s Important

This volunteer fire department answers more calls than all the other volunteer fire departments in Gulf County combined. They also offer vital services to residents and visitors alike that is more goodwill on their part rather than required. For more information on their current services and situation, please visit this article.