10 Questions Cape San Blasians Will Get Asked By At Least One Out-Of-Towner Every Year.

#1: Are there Sharks in the water on Cape San Blas, FL?

Now, unless Cape San Blas has a magical forcefield that keeps all the sharks that are in the Gulf of Mexico away from the water surrounding Cape San Blas with all of its yummy fish and other marine life to eat, then the answer to the question is: Yes, there are sharks in the water around Cape San Blas.

#2: Can Scallops bite you?

Scallops have insanely large teeth that protrude outside their…yeah, we can’t do this…No, scallops cannot bite you! At least, not in the sense of biting in the form of attacking someone. Of course, scallops use jet propulsion to move from point A to point B. So, in that case, if a person were to stick his or her finger in the scallop’s mouth as it is swimming away…then, yes, it might just clamp down and “bite” you!

#3: What do I do if I see an Alligator?

Here is what you do. Ready? Nothing. You do nothing… Unless you wake up next to an alligator in your tent or bed…in that case you scream!

#4: How do you handle the heat from June to August?

That’s simple: We become a nudist colony.

#5: Why are there so many for sale signs?

That’s just our version of Survivor.

#6: How do I get off the island?

Well, how did you get on the “island”????

#7: Can I drive through the State Park to get pack to Port St Joe?

Of course, if your vehicle is a transformer in disguise!

#8: Why are there so many bugs in the Summer?

To help filter your blood…duh!

#9: Do you get hurricanes?

No, we are too north and landlocked to be hit by hurricanes.

#10: What is the Stump Hole?

In a land far far away exist a place where there are many tree stumps in the water.