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FWC biologists would like your help in their scallop restoration efforts.

From the MyFWC:

Bay scallops (Argopecten irradians) may have a short life, typically only living for about a year, but they play a big role in the economies of many coastal, Floridian towns, like Steinhatchee and Port St. Joe. In 2016, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (MyFWC) biologists began a 10-year project to restore bay scallops in Florida’s Panhandle. The initial effort for this restoration project is focused in St. Joseph and St. Andrew Bays. If you are a member of the community surrounding St. Joseph or St. Andrew Bay, you can help by volunteering to become a ‘scallop-sitter’ and maintain your own cage with scallops in your bay!

Project Goal: To increase depleted scallop populations in some bays and reintroduce scallops in other suitable areas from which scallops have disappeared.

How we restore scallops

  • FWC biologists place wild and hatchery-raised scallops in cages in the bay.
  • Cages protect scallops from predation.
  • Cages likely increase the number of offspring produced, increasing the population size over time.
FWC biologists currently have more than 50 predator exclusion cages in St. Joseph Bay

Project Details:

  • Volunteers will maintain scallops in cages from April 2018 – Jan 2019.
  • Cages will be placed either on your own private dock or in the bay using a boat or kayak.
  • FWC will provide cages, scallops, and training during our workshop in April 2018.
  • Together, we will help restore scallops in these bays.

What does it take to be a volunteer?

1) Live near St. Andrew or St. Joseph Bay from April 2018 – January 2019.

2) Access to the Bay: either a private dock, boat or kayak.

3) Willing and able to clean scallop shells once a month.

4) Attend or view via webinar FWC’s Scallop Restoration Workshop in April 2018.

If you are interested in becoming a scallop sitter in Gulf or Bay county please email us.

Exciting Announcement: 30E Beer Available in Cans Soon!

An Exciting Announcement!

Since 30E draft beer was a introduced in the Spring of 2016, it has been so well received, that Cone Heads 8020 decided to expand 30E beer a little. So, this year, Cone Heads 8020 will be making 30E beer available in Cans! That’s right! Soon, guests can enjoy the refreshing taste of 30E while they are on the beach, on the boat, at a picnic, camping, back at home, etc etc.

30E represents the beautiful, unspoiled and untouched world of Cape San Blas, FL. 30E is not just Old Florida but it is Original Florida. Because of this, we endeavored to captured the spirit or life force of Cape San Blas, FL in the design of the 30E beer can label.

Among the many natural features that make Cape San Blas, FL unique, one amazing facet is that the sun rises out of the water (the Bay) and sets back into the water (the Gulf). Thus, the slogan for 30E beer is: The Sun Rises & Sets on This Beer.

The description of the beer is: This laid-back ale pairs perfectly with life on Cape San Blas, FL. Pale yellow, the smooth malt profile and mild hop bitterness lingers like the Sun’s stroll from the Bay to the Beach.

The hashtag for 30E beer is #UnsurpassedCapeSanBlas. Why not include that hashtag in your future posts when visiting Cape San Blas, FL but especially when you are drinking 30E.

We truly hope that everyone will enjoy this relaxing taste of 30E! Below are images of the label. What do you think?


30E Label Laid Out.

New Product: 30E Draft Beer Coming Soon!

Exciting New Product Announcement!
As many know, Cone Heads 8020 has been showcasing the beauty of Cape San Blas by creating a logo called 30E. 30E is the actual state name for the road extending the length of Cape San Blas. So far, we have designed 30E decals and merchandise. Now, we have something new: 30E Draft Beer Coming Soon!

Cone Heads 8020 has been involved in an extensive multifaceted renovation process. But, we have also been involved in another important and complex project: Creating Our Own Beer!
Much thought and planning went into this new product: Should it be a light beer? Should it be an IPA? What about a dark beer? How smooth? Should it be a craft beer? Will it be refreshing? Should it be this or that? How should the tap handle be designed? How can the tap handle reflect something unique about Cape San Blas?

In addition to our own 30E beer, Cone Heads 8020 will be offering two additional draft beers that cannot be purchased anywhere in Gulf County except at Cone Heads 8020.
We simply cannot wait for everyone to try our 30E draft beer and the additional two draft beers as well! We truly hope that everyone will enjoy these new products.