Helpful Information Concerning Gulf County Ordinances Pertaining to the Leash Law, Leave No Trace, Beach Driving and Golf Carts.

Recently, we have received several inquires as to the Ordinances in Gulf County pertaining to the Leash Law, Leave No Trace, Beach Driving and Golf Carts. Because it would take a considerable amount of time to answer each question individually, we have prepared a note with helpful information that is all public record.

1.) Leash Law: Pets on the Beach, at the Parks, etc.

Gulf County does have a Leash Law in effect and an individual can receive a citation if an officer views a person’s pet unleashed and running on either public property (Parks, the Beaches, etc) and other people’s private property even if the owner is watching his or her pet.

The Gulf County Ordinance No. 2008-20, under Section 1., entitled Definitions, provides the following explanations concerning pets:

  • At Large is defined as an animal when off the property and not under restraint.
  • Confined is defined as within a building, pen fenced yard, vehicle, on a leash or on a chain.
  • Restraint is defined as confined within the real property limits of its owner or secured by a leash or lead.

Gulf County Ordinance No. 2008-20, also covers the topic of pet owners being responsible for cleaning up their pet’s waste on either public property (Parks, the Beaches, etc) and other people’s private property. Under Definitions, Section 1, the definition entitled Public Nuisance or Nuisance Animal specifically addresses the pet owners responsibility of cleaning and disposing their pet’s waste immediately.

Section 10 discusses Citations and Violations.
Gulf County Ordinance No. 2008-20 can be found here.
2.) Leave No Trace.
The Gulf County Ordinance No. 2015-07 pertaining to Leave No Trace can be found here.
As a general rule, all personal property and items must be removed from the beaches. However, there are a few exceptions to this, for example, pertaining to weddings and other beach events. Permits are required for someone needing to make use of these exemptions. This ordinance also discusses such matters as Camping on the beaches, Fires on the beaches, etc.
Recently, Gulf County is becoming increasingly attentive to items and property being left on the beaches. Citations and confiscations are beginning to to enforced. Signs have been created and will be posted along the beaches for the public.
3.) Beach Driving.
The Gulf County Ordinance No. 2015-08 discusses Beach Driving. Driving is permitted on the beaches. However, there are a number of regulations that a person driving a vehicle on the beaches must either be educated on and/or observe, such as Permitting and Fees, Access Points, Speed Limit, Violations and Fines, etc. At the time a permit is purchased, the purchaser is provided with a pamphlet and a copy of this Ordinance.
The Gulf County Ordinance No. 2015-08 can be found here.
4.) Golf Carts
Locals and Visitors alike are commenting on the number Golf Carts that can be regularly seen during the day and in the evening on either the Bike Path on Cape San Blas or on the main road of State Road 30E (Cape San Blas Road).
It has been observed that teenagers are driving these vehicles while friends are holding onto the Golf Cart while riding skateboards.
Gulf County Ordinance No. 2009-05 discusses the Rules and Regulations regarding Golf Carts. This ordinance can be found here.
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We sincerely hope that this information will make it much easier and convenient for people to locate important information and provide some clarity regarding these topics. We will update this page as relevant information comes to the fore.